11 August 2015


By mid-afternoon, two things happen: my kids need a snack and, more often than not, I need a chocolate fix. Nine times out of ten, I will fix them something like unto fruit or a plate of veggies and hummus while I attempt to sneak chocolate chips from the pantry. Sometimes, though, I try to pull it together and fix something that meets all our needs. Two birds, one... bowl? That sounds really gross.

Our go-to snacks and treats lately involve some variation of throwing dates in the food processor with nuts or seeds, and maybe some cocoa powder. I came across this recipe for chocolate oatmeal granola bars from Happy Healthy Mama back in January and have been making it ever since. It is divine and I suggest you try it immediately. (And any of her other snacks, really. They're always a hit with my kids.)

I did alter it a bit this time around. I couldn't stand the thought of turning on my oven right now, so I didn't. I followed the recipe mostly as instructed, but instead of baking it I popped it in the freezer for 20-30 minutes to let it firm up a bit. Is it worth mentioning that I'm loving how, in this heat, my coconut oil is good to go as is, no additional melting required. No? Okay.

Oh, wait. I didn't have any pumpkin so I subbed in the same amount of applesauce. It worked fine. If you have pumpkin, though, use it.

This is incredibly quick to whip up. The wait time is longer than the prep time. I did make everyone wait a little bit longer so I could take pictures of the finished bars, but around the time I grabbed a different plate to shoot on, I realized it was probably one of the dumber things I've done, (aside from taking pictures of myself). Food blogger, I am not. There's no way I could be.

So here's this- a few pictures of the food being enjoyed and the kid who enjoyed it.

Go make it. Now.

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